Sunday, September 20, 2009

Best Question of the week!

Question from a Kindergartner (in the hallway):

"Why is your belly so big?"

I told her that a baby is growing in there. She just non-chalantly said "oh" and walked away. So random and hilarious! Also, probably more funny if you knew this child. I don't even teach Kindergarten but know about this little girl!

My thoughtful husband!

A week or so ago my sweet husband came home with this:

My very first Le Creuset! I love it! It looks so pretty sitting out on my stove! He also bought me 2 new stainless steel skillets and a stainless steel sauce pan. I think it was a early baby gift of sorts...He said something about "I just know you want nice stuff to cook with when you stay at home". It was so cute.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

All in a Day's Work

First Things first...that picture I promised many of you:
21 WeeksI have been feeling great. I feel so fortunate to have had such a great pregnancy so far. I have been feeling the baby move since week 17, and it is moving more and more everyday. Today I put the remote control on my belly and it totally bounced everytime s/he kicked! The baby is REALLY low, so that was the first time I had even felt him move anywhere near my belly button. John felt the baby for the first time this week, which was fun. He got excited and starting talking to the baby at that point! :)
So far, no cravings really and I've gained 10 pounds so far. My midwife , Jean, says that is perfect for me. She only wants me to gain 20-25 pounds to help ensure that I don't make a baby that is too big for my body. We should start birthing classes soon. Jean holds them at her house and we need to get them done before the holidays are here.
I did have a baby shower in Portland and got lots of great things. I will post about that more once I get it all arranged in the baby's room.

And on to what we did Saturday:
Somebody asked me the other day if I had started "nesting", my response was "not really" but later I realized that I feel like I am always "nesting". It's kind of my nature.
So..nesting or not, We have had our pantry on that infamous list of things to do around the house and we tackled it yesterday.

Here is the before
...minus the food and a few shelves(my sweet, hard-working husband doesn't think about before pics like I do):

The shelves were tragic, sort of painted but very scratch up and dirty looking despite my attemps with bleach!
And the After:

(it looks really skinny because of the way I edited it on here)
We adjusted the shelves that I can actually utilize all the space and walk into the pantry!

Another thing on the list was to swap the bedrooms. That entailed taking the twin bed down and out of the front bedroom and moving the back bedroom into the front one. Did you follow that? So now our back bedroom is empty, just waiting for a crib.

The new guest bedroom.

I will show you more once I get it finished. I still want to paint or re-stain the headboard and unfortunately the treadmill will also go in here, it has to go somewhere. I also need to find a cute bed skirt to match.

The new (but empty) Baby room!

We do have a cute dresser in there that has been in John's family, if it's a boy that dresser will stay in there. If it's a girl we will swap it with the dresser from the guest room. That dress was in my room when I was a little girl!