Thursday, January 28, 2010

Olivia Brooke Warren

It's a Girl!
7lb. 4 oz
20 1/2 in.
9:22 pm

Many of you have been asking to hear about my birth, so here you are. Please be cautioned that I had a pretty quick labor so don't hate me. I already had one friend tell me that we aren't friends anymore because of this- she was only kidding of course. (Love you friend!)
I had 2 due dates- Jan.7th and Jan.16th. I was confident it was really the 7th and we had a Dr. appointment that day. I had also been diagnosed with this thing called INTRAHEPATIC CHOLESTASIS OF PREGNANCY (ICP) or "Baby Itch". Less than 1 % of women get it and it causes your body to itch all over. This can be a real alarm and can even cause your baby to be still born. Praise the Lord that my levels were not super threatening but we did want to get labor started just to prevent anything from getting worse. SO, on the 7th, at my appointment I was already dilated to a 2 and 90% effaced. My midwife swept my membranes and we thought we would have a baby that weekend.

Monday came, the next weekend came....and NO baby. John's parents had even flown down for the whole week, just waiting on her to come. My mom was also here waiting for our little baby to come. Through that week I had progressed to a 4 but pretty much stayed there until the day of delivery. There was a lot of frustration and stress that week through which the Lord began showing me that life just isn't all about me if it should have been before this but that is a whole separate blog.

Several trips to the midwife, lots of walking and pumping and some crazy ligament pains later we had an appointment on the 21st. We went in at 9am and I was a 5- yay! Jean, the midwife, didn't really give me a choice...she said "go home, pump for 30 minutes and walk for an hour. Do this until 4pm. Call me if you have any signs of contractions." We went home and did that. Before all the regiments began I had to do a heart check. John and I prayed together in the car when we pulled in the driveway. This was not how I wanted my labor to start. I wanted it to just come naturally, surprisingly. I didn't want to have to work for it. On top of that, pumping was painful and this is not what I wanted to do to my body! It was my body afterall. Again, this was the Lord showing me that it just isn't all about me anymore. Not even my body is just for me anymore. I was thankful that I really felt the Lord speaking these things to me and knew that it was Him working through this childbirth. Difficult, yes and I didn't have the best attitude most of the time but I knew deep down that the Lord was going to purify my heart and show me new glimpses of who He is.
Around 1pm, I called Jean because I was having very light contractions. I wasn't sure though, because they just felt like cramps. Jean told me to come back up to the birthing center at 2; she checked me and I was dilated to a 5 and she was very sure I would have the baby that day (which, I did). She told me to go back home and pump/walk more and call her by 7pm. She also said that she expected to hear from me sooner because she thought my water would break before then.

Around 4pm John left the house to go to an event at church. Literally, 3 minutes after he left my water broke. I called Jean and John, John came back home and we went back to the birthing center. (yes, for the 3rd time that day-ha!) By this point I still wasn't having any major contractions, they still just felt like cramps. I believe I was still a 5 when she checked me this time. She sent us back home to get something to eat, get our things, etc and instructed us to come back at 7pm.

When we got home (we live less than 5 minutes away) I was on the floor, literally, within minutes. My contractions had finally hit! They were less than 5 minutes apart and lasting around 1 minute. John loaded the car, and we went straight back to the center.
We got to the Center around 5:45. My contractions were pretty intense and I labored for about an hour in the room where I would deliver. Jean would come in periodically and check the baby's heart rate and see how I was but for the most part she left us to ourselves unless we called for her. Soon I told John to ask Jean if I could get in the tub. To be honest I didn't feel like getting in there but I knew that would help the pain to lessen. Jean wanted to check me before I got in because being in the tub can actually slow your labor down (she didn't tell me that at the time though ;-)- I probably wouldn't have gotten in.) I was dilated to a 7 at this point so she said I could get in. The tub relieved quite a bit of pain during my contractions so I stayed in for about an hour when I started to feel the urge to push. I sent John to tell Jean. Jean came to check me and I was a 9!! She suggested I get out of the tub and onto the bed. At this point I could push whenever I was ready. My good friend and prayer warrior, Kimberly came up to the center and just prayed in another room for the entire time that I spent pushing. That was a huge blessing!!
I pushed for about an hour and mostly because Olivia came out with her hand in a fist on her face. Jean said that if her hand would have been down I wouldn't have pushed for so long! I remember looking down as soon as I knew the baby was out and just blurted out " Its a girl!" I loved that I was the first one to say it and really saw it along with everyone else. That is a moment I have a picture of in my head and don't think I will ever forget!

A few other moments and pictures that I won't forget:
* John starting to cry at my first push. (little did he know there would be lots more pushes!)
* Knowing that Kimberly was in the next room praying for me and Olivia.
* John sitting beside me, encouraging me on.
* Jean and Charity encouraging me and seeing their smiles after every push, they knew how close Olivia was.
*Imagining my Mom speeding across west Texas to try and make it for the delivery. (she was only 1 hour late)
*Being so sure the Lord would be my strength and rock while pushing
* Praying out loud during my last couple pushes
*Having our dear friends Scott & Lyn, Beau & Kimbo come up to the center right when we had Olivia
* Being home by 12:30 am, that same night (or next morning- however you see it)!!
* John making me eggs when we got home, I was starving!
* Our little babe sleeping with us those first 2 nights. (then to her crib she went on the 3rd night)
* Scott asking if he could touch my empty and squishy belly, yes, he did... ha!
* Being so sure of God's faithfulness to His people as I experienced that night
In a later blog I will share with you why I chose to do a natural childbirth and how the Lord proved to be faithful through it.

But after many requests, here are pictures!

I never understood why people put such terrible pics of themselves in public but now I get it, you just don't care because you have this amazing prize to show for the reason why you look terrible. ;-)

Charity (birth asst.), Jean (midwife), Olivia, Me, John: in the room where I birthed

John and Olivia cuddling

Look how sweet she sleeps!

She is giving that cute little sleep smile here!

On Dad's lap

We are arranging their marriage now
Haddon and Olivia Hughes....haha!

Getting some cuddle time & laughing bc the first 2 pics I had a huge double chin!

More pics coming soon! I promise!