Sunday, November 1, 2009

Belly pics!

I'm so sorry that I haven't posted these sooner, I have cleary had them since I am now 30 weeks! I can't believe how fast pregnancy flying by!

25 Weeks

29-30 Weeks
Only 10 weeks left! I am still feeling great, besides the fact that my body is tired a lot more often than normal. The baby moves a lot and I just can't get enough of it. John, on the other hand, thinks I am crazy and wonders when I will get tired of staring at my belly.
I have not been keeping my house quite like I would like but not only has John been helping out lately but I am also just trying to surrender that to the Lord. After a talk with John Henderson I realized what an idol my house, I mean a clean house is to me. I was quite surprised by this realization just because I never thought that would be me. It was good to see and I think it is in part, prep for what the spring will ne like when I go back to finish out the year.

In other updates:
* John and I start birthing class this week.
* John's team won the Krappu Bowl at The annual Village Staff Retreat
* Stewart and Lilly definitely know that a baby is coming- its so wierd
* We are headed to Portland for Thanksgiving- yay for cold weather and really good coffee.
(which by the way I am starting to enjoy, I've always appreciated it and understand all of it, just didn't like it. My husband is very excited about my new found like, not sure if it will be love just yet...)