Thursday, July 8, 2010

Update on "us", I mean Olivia

I am really not wanting to Blog lately. Ugh! I have been thinking a lot lately about the whole, facebook,twitter,blog world and what I want it to look like for me. Because, yea, I could post lots of funny things or cute pics of Liv (which I do) or cool things that i may be eating or doing but I want to spend my time doing those things. I don't think any of these things are bad & I am not judging you if you do them. I love them, maybe a little too much and that is why I am trying to draw some lines for myself otherwise I would sit on my computer all day & not get anything done! I have been updating fb and tweeting lately but I may just drop it all one day. We'll see.

For now, here is a quick update.

We flew to Oregon a couple weeks ago (this was Liv's 2nd plane ride). Spent 3 days in Portland and then"surprised" John's mom for her 60th birthday by driving to Sunriver (where she was at the time). We spent a long weekend in Sunriver with the whole family. It was a great time with great conversations, biking, swimming, trips to Goodies (yum!!), and a few intense games of Monopoly. ha!

We are back in Denton. Olivia is still a little off kilter since we have been back though. She had to get back on CST , has been teething and is learning to crawl. Yep, that is what I said. Our 5 month old is already army crawling. She started getting on her hand/knees while we were in Sunriver which just shocked John and I. She is now getting around by scooting and army crawling pretty good. It scares me a bit! ;)

  • Olivia is just so much fun though, here are some things she loves:
  • To chew on anything made of fabric (or anything else for that matter)
  • Tags
  • Stewart (this is a new found interest-she lights up and reaches for him. He has been really patient so far!)
  • Other babies
  • To grab my hair with both hand and pull my face to hers (and then suck on my face) ;)
  • To scream (its just what she does, not a cry/scream)
  • To play on the floor alone (too much people time & she's done...sound like her Daddy???)
  • To watch us eat (her interest in food is peaking)
  • Looking in the mirror
  • To be naked
  • Outside

Olivia does not love:
  • The carseat ( I think our 5 hour drive to Lubbock ruined it for her)
  • Her last late afternoon nap...we don't even really try for it anymore unless really needed
  • The time (seconds) in between sides while nursing (I think its hilarious though)

She is a great baby. She sleeps great and is very content most of the time, plus she has been a great on the planes. Olivia hasn't had any trouble going to other people or staying in the nursery at church. We are so proud of what a happy, healthy & well behaved baby she is. The Lord was gracious to us!

Here are some recent picture of us- well-mostly her. ;)

Some of the Family: (mostly from march)

Liv- asleep on Grandma (March

John, Liv & I (March)

This was at John's Dads' 60th Birthday Party (March)

The girls (minus Sarah & I) by the pool

Olivia has many faces:

These are 2 of our favorites!

Hope you are all enjoying this summer!