Thursday, October 30, 2008

"How come she isn't pregnant?"

Coversation in my classroom today:

Scene: John came to school because he bought me a hot water dispenser. I introduce him to the kids and give them permission to ask him questions...

Briawna: "Do you have dogs?"
Dakotah: "You got a hair cut, I know it." ( he met John once after school)

There were more but I can't remember due to the next hilarious question:

Dakotah: "So, if you are married to Mrs. Warren why isn't she pregnant?"

Entire class (including John and I): erupting laughter!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Sweet notes and amazing kids

I got a very cute note from a student today that I just had to share! Here is what it says

To: Mrs. Warren

I love you! You are COOL! a nice techer and asome! I know you are trying to be nice but I don't blame you for being a little mean. I don't care you are still fun!


Doesn't this just crack you does me! I have an amazing, sweet class but they like to talk- ALOT! This is why I have to be "mean". Somedays I want to never teach again and then I get notes like this or have a day like today when the kids listen and they really get what you are teaching them!

Yesterday and today I taught them about systems for science, and they were getting it and really using their higher level skills taking the process deeper than I thought they could! YAY!