Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Is God Green? and Earth Hour

Is God Green?
This Friday is an event that our church (my hubby) has been working on for awhile and I am very excited about it. It is called "Is God Green" and we will be hearing from Dr. Timothy Pierce about how to think Christianly about the environment.

Earth Hour
Also, to make the weekend even more green, I am looking forward to participating in Earth Hour on Saturday night in which everyone turns their lights out at 8:30 local time. For those of you who are teachers there are also some worksheets available online.

Hope you all will join me in both events!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break is over

random photo I took awhile back.

Well, I don't really even know what to post about but really wanted a new post on the blog. Maybe I should ask John to start posting...
Well, spring break is over. Sad day! Technically, I guess I don't go back to work until tomorrow but reality proves that I go back to work today. Yes, I do my lesson plans on Sundays. So, I just settled in at Jupiter House with my latte ( that I am not supposed to be drinking) and I need to start my lesson planning for the week.
This was my first spring break as a teacher and I really feel like it is such a tease! Maybe its that the weather has been so beautiful but it feels like summer. So, like I told someone this morning and I was half joking, spring break just leaves me angry. I am so ready for summer but I have 2 months of teaching left. And maybe me just saying all that reveals alot about my heart and the state of its contentment, or lack of! I saw on itunes that Josh Patterson recently preached on contentment, I really need to listen to it!
In other news, we are going to paint the laundry room soon! We were set to do it yesterday but John was starting to get sick, he didn't though- thanks to Influenza, a natural medicine! So hopefully we will get to that next weekend and I will post pics.
We also have bought several plants lately. I have decided that I love plants. They are so beautiful and add so much to a room! My latest purchase was 3 different succulents, I love succulents! I will post pics of them soon- they look so good!