Thursday, July 8, 2010

Update on "us", I mean Olivia

I am really not wanting to Blog lately. Ugh! I have been thinking a lot lately about the whole, facebook,twitter,blog world and what I want it to look like for me. Because, yea, I could post lots of funny things or cute pics of Liv (which I do) or cool things that i may be eating or doing but I want to spend my time doing those things. I don't think any of these things are bad & I am not judging you if you do them. I love them, maybe a little too much and that is why I am trying to draw some lines for myself otherwise I would sit on my computer all day & not get anything done! I have been updating fb and tweeting lately but I may just drop it all one day. We'll see.

For now, here is a quick update.

We flew to Oregon a couple weeks ago (this was Liv's 2nd plane ride). Spent 3 days in Portland and then"surprised" John's mom for her 60th birthday by driving to Sunriver (where she was at the time). We spent a long weekend in Sunriver with the whole family. It was a great time with great conversations, biking, swimming, trips to Goodies (yum!!), and a few intense games of Monopoly. ha!

We are back in Denton. Olivia is still a little off kilter since we have been back though. She had to get back on CST , has been teething and is learning to crawl. Yep, that is what I said. Our 5 month old is already army crawling. She started getting on her hand/knees while we were in Sunriver which just shocked John and I. She is now getting around by scooting and army crawling pretty good. It scares me a bit! ;)

  • Olivia is just so much fun though, here are some things she loves:
  • To chew on anything made of fabric (or anything else for that matter)
  • Tags
  • Stewart (this is a new found interest-she lights up and reaches for him. He has been really patient so far!)
  • Other babies
  • To grab my hair with both hand and pull my face to hers (and then suck on my face) ;)
  • To scream (its just what she does, not a cry/scream)
  • To play on the floor alone (too much people time & she's done...sound like her Daddy???)
  • To watch us eat (her interest in food is peaking)
  • Looking in the mirror
  • To be naked
  • Outside

Olivia does not love:
  • The carseat ( I think our 5 hour drive to Lubbock ruined it for her)
  • Her last late afternoon nap...we don't even really try for it anymore unless really needed
  • The time (seconds) in between sides while nursing (I think its hilarious though)

She is a great baby. She sleeps great and is very content most of the time, plus she has been a great on the planes. Olivia hasn't had any trouble going to other people or staying in the nursery at church. We are so proud of what a happy, healthy & well behaved baby she is. The Lord was gracious to us!

Here are some recent picture of us- well-mostly her. ;)

Some of the Family: (mostly from march)

Liv- asleep on Grandma (March

John, Liv & I (March)

This was at John's Dads' 60th Birthday Party (March)

The girls (minus Sarah & I) by the pool

Olivia has many faces:

These are 2 of our favorites!

Hope you are all enjoying this summer!


Kristen said...

Love the pictures Natalee. Hey, if you don't want to blog, just don't. There used to be a whole world on no blogs not that long ago and we all seemed to get along just fine. But of course, we also didn't get to see lots of yummy pix of Olivia either, so you decide. :-)

Courtney Hofmann said...

love it! olivia is beautiful- she looks so much like you! thanks for the sweet note on my blog. i really hope to see you soon!

Magen said...

She is a doll! Love the swimsuit pictures.