Monday, December 3, 2007

Pictures for your enjoyment

This is our week in pictures...( ok, and a few words)

John thinks it is dumb to take pictures of ourselves,clearly, he is humoring me! ( but he is right it never goes well..check out the double chin)

Emily Rozell and I at the Denton Wasaill Festival on The Square, last Thursday! I did have a silly face but then I just started laughing! We had a great time!

There is a better pic of them on their blog, The Rozell's.

This is for the Knakal's- they had a Fire Truck for kids to tour...OR for adults to be silly!

John and his new toy- a lead blower/vac. We bought this yesterday because John raked 6 huge bags of leaves on Friday and on Saturday you couldn't even tell! :( .We have SOOOO many leaves. According to the box of this new toy we could just blow all the leaves in a pile and suck them up...well he ended up having to rake most of them up AND now he is sick....hmm was that a well spent $100? Just kidding, it really did help save time!

Lastly , when John came back from lunch he said it smelled in the house...yes, it is what it may actually NOT look like anymore. I left a sweet potato in the oven, YIKES! I couldn't even break it! It was so light weight but hard as a rock!
I hope everyone has a great week!


The Rozell Family said...

HOLY COW!! That is/was a sweet potato!??? That looks crazy:) Lunch was great today! Thanks for coming over Nat and Nat. Hey when is Nat Drew gonna start blogging?? I want to stalk the crazy lives of the Drews! I love all the pics! Off to do some stretching!:) Revs nap nap napping!

caleb and renee said...

nice cooking skills natalee... :) i am surprised that i have not done something like that

i am so sad that you and john move back to texas, not only move back to texas but also to where i was living, right after i leave.

i hope all is well with you two!

renee "gause" prince

Them Chandlers said...

I was disappointed you weren't at the college event Tuesday night! Actually...I understand...if I went to everything Matt did, I would be worn out!

That sweet potato is something creepy. It looks like evidence from a crime scene. Nice :)


katie said...

hey love! Its good to see pics!!! Are you coming "home" soon? yeah, im trying to write more kinda comes out randomly. I want to catch up too. the screen on my phone is out so I cant see who I am calling so call me asap! I pick up every call I hear cause I dont know who it is, ie; no screening. Not that I would screen you anyway. Love you, Kate

katie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Magen Wesson Roberson said...

hey sweet girl! and hey john! :)

Bex said...

i love you two!

Elaine said...

That can't possibly be a sweet potato...
Nice work Natalee.
Are you going to post some pictures of you new house?

Anonymous said...

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