Friday, February 29, 2008

Fake or Real

This post is dedicated to Shana...and that trip to Ruidoso long ago!

So I found this quiz on the "How About Orange blog"- very fun/random site- link to the judge wether a person's smile is fake or real. I got 16 out of 20 right...I thought that was pretty good- its an 80%!

Click here to take the quiz! Happy guessing!


Xanwater ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ said...

Nice job! I got 12 out of 20. After awhile, they all seemed fake, and then they all seemed real, and then I was really confused. ;)

The Rozell Family said...

i tagged you, you better respond!

The Mays Family said...

Hey Nat
Kourtney and I did this together and got 14 out of 20. Pretty good eh!

Anonymous said...

Hey Nat...thanks for the dedication! I will never forget that moment....too funny! This quiz was fun! LOL I actually got 17 out of 20! Some things never change....I can still spot one :)

Chris Anna said...

13 :( hehe I guess I am just too trusting!