Sunday, September 28, 2008

Procrastination Blog

Well I am basically blogging for two reasons. The first is that I feel like I should because I haven't in a couple months! The second is because I am procrastinating grading papers!
I really want to post some pictures of my classroom as it is mostly put together now! I have been doing all I can to keep my head above water these last 6 or so weeks. I knew that teaching would be busy and that I "wouldn't have a life" as they say but I had no idea what that really meant! I didn't know it would mean working until at least 6pm every night (or later some nights) and 6 hours on Sunday. Thankfully I am beginning to catch up and not feel so stressed but I don't think the hours will lesson any time soon. John and I have been doing a lot of talking about how to make this work for us because as he puts it he "wants his wife back". I don't blame him and do miss being at home more. I don't think it is "right" that this is the way it is but it just is with first year teachers. I am not the only one at the school during these crazy hours! Its all the newbies! I have hope that it will get better and I will get the hang of it though!
I am wrapping up my first six weeks which means lots more work, like averaging grades, sending out report cards and parent/teacher conferences. Amidst the madness and blurr of my day I do love what I am doing. It has felt very natural and I have not one doubt that this is where I should be! There is so much peace in that! I love my students, even the ones that drive me crazy- they all have their own personalities and abilities that just make you love them.
Soon, I will post a couple of letters that I received a couple of weeks ago, during a very bad week. The students were picking up on the fact that their behavior was wearing me out and a couple sensitive kiddos wrote me letters- you will love them!
In the mean time, we have our house completely furnished now, thanks to JOhn's parents who recently moved and had some furniture to get rid of- we benefitted! I'll try and post pics of that also!
BARGAIN of the century: regularly $120 Organic Duvet cover from PotteryBarn ( queen)
on sale for $23!!! It looks great in our spare bedroom! Pics soon!

Until I have some blogging (or procrastinating) to do...


The Rozell Family said...

YEAH!!!!!!! your back! I check often always hoping for a new post from Nat.

Elaine said...

It's so good to get an update Natalee!! We miss you. I'm so happy things have been going well for you!
We'll be praying for you that it gets a bit easier soon.
Jeff and I are starting to plan our big road trip. We'd love to stop in Texas for a night to visit. We will probably do it in May or June next year? We'll keep you posted.
Much love!
Elaine :)

Xanwater ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ said...

Love you Natalee! Hang in there and make sure you take time for yourself. I think a lot of people feel overwhelmed and overcommitted in the early years of their career, and probably teachers feel it more than any other career out there! You can do it!

coneandmo said...

I am so glad that you are doing "well". The first year is the hardest and that is why our summers are so deserved! I just wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you. Take care sweet friend! ~Michele

aaron and denise power said...

it's so fun hearing about your classroom. it makes me so anxious to get done with this iTeach stuff!!! it seems like every lesson gets longer and longer! haha