Friday, October 10, 2008

Sweet notes and amazing kids

I got a very cute note from a student today that I just had to share! Here is what it says

To: Mrs. Warren

I love you! You are COOL! a nice techer and asome! I know you are trying to be nice but I don't blame you for being a little mean. I don't care you are still fun!


Doesn't this just crack you does me! I have an amazing, sweet class but they like to talk- ALOT! This is why I have to be "mean". Somedays I want to never teach again and then I get notes like this or have a day like today when the kids listen and they really get what you are teaching them!

Yesterday and today I taught them about systems for science, and they were getting it and really using their higher level skills taking the process deeper than I thought they could! YAY!


aaron and denise power said...

YEA!!! that's so awesome! i love kid notes! you must keep posting yours!! haha :)

i remember one i got from a little girl i taught when i did after school teaching a few years ago. it was right before i left, and it said:

"miss denise, i will mess you."

hahaha mess instead of miss. it's those little things that make them so funny! :)

The Rozell Family said...

So cute! I can't see you being "mean"!! I want to see that side of you sometime!

Glen & Sarah said...

N-A-T!!!! I just found your blog....I have been thinking about you for like a week...seriously...can't get you off my mind....I tried emailing a while back but obviously you don't work at building champs. anymore...I was so sad becuase I didn't know how to get in touch with you.'s our blog --

Sounds fun! I'm teaching's a BLAST!!! We are discovering caterpillars and butterflies...I like to blog about my kiddos as well. talk soon! sarah (burk)

aaron and denise power said...

yea! the travel kennel would be perfect! i'll have AP give your husband a call about it if he really does decide to go get the pup! :) thanks!! :)