Thursday, October 30, 2008

"How come she isn't pregnant?"

Coversation in my classroom today:

Scene: John came to school because he bought me a hot water dispenser. I introduce him to the kids and give them permission to ask him questions...

Briawna: "Do you have dogs?"
Dakotah: "You got a hair cut, I know it." ( he met John once after school)

There were more but I can't remember due to the next hilarious question:

Dakotah: "So, if you are married to Mrs. Warren why isn't she pregnant?"

Entire class (including John and I): erupting laughter!


GO GO Gordons said...

Wow, no pressure, huh?
You can practice with our kids anytime you want to.

Emily Thurmond Photography said...

Haha that's funny!!

It was great meeting you, too! It's nice to put a face with the name. Thanks for the comment... I'll take it as a compliment. Your friend's work is great. She does a great job at capturing the families she shoots!

I'll see you around!

Bethany Fegles Photography said...

Hey John & Natalee,

(I'm guessing it's you who left a comment, John... am I right? :) For whatever reason it didn't give any identity to you or allow me to reply to your comment.)

We'd love to see you guys at Christmas time! We'll be visiting family for a few days, but should be around. Jude experiencing snow is on our To Do list for Christmas time. :) If he reacts to it anything like he did to sand, then we're in trouble.

So John, if it was you that asked about a lens, :) then I would ask you, if you're wanting another lens based on price, good blur in background (bokeh), for just a daily shooter, or if you prefer a wide angle, etc...
But I usually recommend to people the 50mm f/1.8 because it's inexpensive ($90) can shoot in lower light situations. It's a prime lens (fixed, doesn't zoom), and takes good portraits.
I hope that helps! And maybe that was WAY too much info. :)
Hugs to you guys,

KimBeau Hughes said...

Come on, Nat, it's time. :)

Michael, Faith and Evan Bleecker said...

I agree with Kimbo. Just do the thing. Follow Fellowship's plan and you'll be good to go.

oh-and we'd love to have dinner. Let us know when!

The Rozell Family said...

pics on my blog of nats b/d. you left before we took the "girl photo":( so fun seeing ya'll last night, I have missed missed missed you! I am anxiously waiting for you to become a stay at home mom!