Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's Official

Today is my first day back as a full time wife and Mommy! I am so excited to be done with school. To be able to love and take care of my daughter the way I can do best. To take care of our home. To serve my husband and this community. I don't want to take for granted the reality that I do get to stay at home and I pray that this is a reality in our life for a very long time. I am excited for what I will learn and what the Lord has in store to teach me...probably more than I am ready for. I think there will probably be more sacrifice than I am ready for. More things I can't buy, more places we won't be able to go and I will probably struggle with laziness, entitlement or who knows what else. The very things I just listed is so telling of where my heart is. I don't want that anymore. I want the Lord to strip those things away. I want a heart that the Lord sees as beautiful, that is full of service and love and joy and peace and encouragement. He is going to do a good work and I am so excited to see what and how. I know he is always at work in me but I am especially excited about this new season and all that will come with it.

{Sorry I have been gone for so long, I have been working the last 2 1/2 months-finishing out the school year for the last here is hoping to being back in blogworld}


Sarah said...

You will be great...and God will take you exactly where He wants your heart to be...we know that from experience. Praise Him that he doesn' watch the wreck happen and say, "that stinks". He has taught us how to trust Him through all the times He has been faithful before...over and over and over.

Misty said...

So happy for you! God certainly use does motherhood, especially full time motherhood to refine you. And most of the time it can be a bit painful, not gonna lie. But it is such a priveledge. Most of the time I think Nathan definitley gets the short end of the stick because I have the greatest job. :)

Sue said...

You are a great mother and wife.You know I don't regret one day staying home with you and the boys. I loved every minute, (well most minutes).Be strong in the Lord.
I love you, Mom

The Mays Family said...

so glad that you are back in blogworld. Hopefully we can get together some time and the little ones can "play".

We are taking a break from Village Mommies, but will still meet up at different times throughout the summer. We will officially start meeting up again in September, so let me know if you and Olivia want to come join us, it's lots of fun.

Congrats on being able to stay home.

Brad April White said...

do you get to stay home from now on? So great - excited for you guys!!