Saturday, September 11, 2010


Ann Voskamp visited Guatemala City with Compassion International recently and blogged about it here. My heart breaks, my heart is convicted. How i just live my life with my new kitchen sink, my front loading washer & dryer but they don't even have running water. Their worry for the day is if the rain will wash their home away or if gangs will convince their boys of a life no one sees as good.
Compassion is about Jesus, they are motivated by how Jesus would take care of these families. They help clothe,feed and educate children.
Whether you are a christian or not, believe in Jesus or not, I would challenge you to find a reason not to support a child through compassion. They are an amazing group of people saving the lives of others. Please read Ann Voskamp's blog (linked in the first paragraph) and also consider sponsoring a child from Compassion here.

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Michelle said...

Ann's blog posts have been amazing during this trip. I am so glad there are bloggers out there spreading the word about Compassion!