Friday, February 18, 2011

Last post was in September?? WHAT!?

I am seriously only updating because A. I am tired of that cheesy cloth diaper post. (sorry for that, it was my attempt to win some more cloth diapers) and B. That post was in September. WHAT!?

So, this will be an update post, maybe it will encourage me to blog more. I have actually had things on my heart that I would like to write about or share. SO, no promises, but we'll see.

1. I am pregnant- 20 weeks in a few days. Due July 12th and we are not sure if we are going to find out this time. John says "let's not" and i say "I think I want to". We'll see.

2. John leaves for Southern Sudan on Wednesday through March 6th- please be praying for his trip & team. You can read about it here:

3. Olivia turned 1! We had a small birthday party for her. I had so much fun making the decorations and the cupcakes! I will post some pics asap.

4. John & I went to Chicago without Olivia for 4 days in January. It was just a few days after her 1st birthday. John's mom flew in and kept her for us. It was a great trip, we really like that city! It helped that Intelligentsia (one place JOhn orders his coffee from) was about 4 minutes from our hotel. This was the first time we had left Liv overnight and it went great! She did great and we realize it will be much harder to get away once we have the 2nd baby, at least for several years.

I need to get on John's computer to get some pics up so I will try very soon!

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TheWhiteHouse said...

AHHHH now that I'm not working at the church I don't hear anything! I can't believe you're pregnant - 20 weeks???? CRAZY!!!! Congrats!!!