Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Reading....and my heart

(First...sorry no pics. John left for Sudan today, with his computer & all the recent pics. If I get really bored I might just get the pics off our camera & put them on my computer also. However, my iphoto is a disaster so I doubt it. :) Sorry)

I have read several good articles/blogs lately. Some simple, some made me really think, and some I had to look words up in the dictionary to understand what I was reading. ha.

  • An interesting on article on Sarah Palin & stay at home moms (surprising article) here

  • A great read/idea on celebrating Easter/Lent here. Celebrating Easter in a more meaningful way , besides with an Easter egg hunt & only talking about it for one day-maybe 3 if you celebrate Good Friday-is something that John and I both feel very strongly about. I am still reading into how, and what we want our family to learn through this event. Both John and know that Christ's death & resurrection is the only reason we have life, real free, hopeful, sanctifying life. Why wouldn't we want to celebrate this season & talk about it all the time. We are so thankful for BOTH the cross and that empty tomb! I get excited just writing about it! ( I might even practice Lent this year, I'll keep you posted)

  • Lastly, a short read on perspective here, particularly focused on Mom's. Its beautiful, especially the perspective on tantrums.
Enjoy these reads.

I hope to blog soon about a study on the book of Ruth that I am finishing up. And I hope to blog about my pregnancy as well soon! I better get busy. :)

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