Saturday, November 10, 2007

This is for Molly!

Molly, meet our other dog, Lilly:

And now, Stewart and Lilly:

So Molly, yes we would love for you to invite your self over...our house is always open to anyone, you just have to love our dogs! Except for Kimbo, she doesn't love our dogs and we still love for her to come over! :)

I hope everyone is doing well. John and I are good. We worked on the house non-stop yesterday and today. We got lots of painting done which is exciting. I will post pictures soon. We painted our dining room blue, which I am typically not a blue person but I love it. Funny thing, when I told my Mom that I painted it blue she said " Blue ???" in a very disgusted voice..just wait Mom, you'll love it!

We also went to a Shane and Shane concert tonight and it was amazing. Got to meet little Olive Everett- adorable!!! I also was reminded of Olivia tonight, I think I will be reminded of her everytime I worship. Its hard because when I sing I can just picture the Lord in Heaven being glorified and I just picture Him so grateful and pleased, smiling...and then I remember that Liv is with Him- its bittersweet.


Bex said...

so cute!

p.s. i'm glad i got to see you at church today :)

The Rozell Family said...

cute dogs! Rev would love playing with them. He is really interested in small dogs recently, I guess cause hes grown up with such big ones! What time do ya'll want to come over tomorrow? Clay gets home around 4 so we are good anytime.


Annie said...

Cute puppies! I can't wait to see what your bio kids look like. :)

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

PRESH (that stands for precious). haaha..
I will be over as soon as I can.
Olive is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen in my entire life.

The Rozell Family said...

check out clays blog today!!!