Thursday, March 13, 2008

True life

(This started as an email to my best friend but I decided to post it in hopes of maybe encouraging some of you as it did me)

So I just checked my myspace page ( which I never do) and clicked on Olivia...not sure completely why, I think I just missed her. I wanted to see her and feel like I know her again. Does that even make sense? I was just searching for something to remember her by. I read a few comments from friends that miss her like we do and then I read some of her blogs. It was, on one hand, very sad because she had so much hope and joy. She wanted to be healed and she wanted to live. "but wait, she has all those thing and more" I thought to myself as I tears ran down my face. She does have joy, the fullness of joy! She is now blessed beyond our imagination and her body is fully healed, she has life!!
While it can be extremely sad for me and can almost make me angry I remember where she is, I remember who she is with and I remember what is waiting for me someday and that brings me joy. It doesn't make the sadness go away but it does make it okay. I feel like the joy is an umbrella to a rain of sadness and confusion. ( I know that sounds REALLY cheesy-I almost erased it and i'm actually sure that Olivia would be laughing with me) :)


The Barnyard's said...

What a beautiful picture and beautiful post....thanks for writing about her. I was reminded today how much she inspired(s) me.

The Rozell Family said...

love you Nat! I love reading your heart! You are such an amazing girl, so thankful for your friendship!

woke up at 5:45 this a.m. and baked 45 cupcakes for homegroup tonight! ya think I am crazy?

The Mays Family said...

Hey Natalie
I am just leaving to go to Em's house. I will take your green dish, sorry I kept forgetting to bring it to church.

Marcy said...

N, Thanks for that post. We recently lost our aunt a few weeks ago and this post couldn't have been more perfect.