Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Mostly I just felt the need to update so...here goes:
*John has been wearing an arm brace since last week. The Dr. wanted to put him in a full blown cast but John refused...I know, totally not like John- ha! ;-). His thumb has been hurting for several months and he finally went in to get it checked out. Its either tendonitis or the gout...?? He has been very humbled through wearing the brace as it is an extremely minor annoyance. Let me explain: On Sunday we met a girl who was only supposed to live until October and she has probably the most extreme prognosis I have ever heard of. I don't want to give to many details because I do not have her permission to write about it but it definitely put lots of things into perspective in our life that day! It also reminded me of Olivia! This girl is 22, younger than Liv but just as joyful and ready to serve as Olivia and she seemed determined to not let this awful illness get in the way of letting Christ use her. Jesus has obviously worked in her life in transforming ways!
*I am taking care of 4 children this summer, it should be lots of fun and lots of practice ;-)
*We have also invited a girl to live with us for a few months. She is getting married this fall to a guy on staff. She will be moving in at the end of this month and I think it will be a great few months. She can get a peek into marriage life- ha!
*I had an interview with a Denton school yesterday and should know by the end of the week who they picked...Its actually been fairly easy to trust the Lord with this because I know there is nothing I can do!

I think that covers it, no silly dog mishaps to share this time.

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Chris Anna said...

I need to come visit you guys. I am coming to see Amber soon, I will have to see you then! Love you!