Saturday, April 5, 2008

Random Pictures~

Well, there have been a lot of random things to post about but seriously very random! I thought I would post a few picks from around our house the last month or so!

We bought this little planter with grass seeds a few weeks ago and it sits on my kitchen window. It has been so fun to watch the grass grow everyday! I also have some basil in a small vase there on the window. We had a bunch extra from a recipe and I love the way it smells!

Lilly has discovered that sometime her parents miss the trash can ( its under the sink) so she will literally nudge her way in the cabinet and disapear for awhile. We found her under the sink the other day. Who knows how long she was in there or what she got out of the trash!
But she just looks so cute!

I also painted my front door about a month ago! Finally!!! It was basically the same color as the house ( yellowish) .



Chris Anna said...

The door looks GREAT! I need to come see you guys!

The Barnyard's said...

Black looks AWESOME on that door!

Comet Aamodt said...

LOVE the door!! I'm impressed Nat! :o)