Sunday, April 6, 2008

Remember Sunday Lunch!?

Who remembers lunch at the Roberson's??

Well, today, John and I began our our own tradition of Sunday lunch! We had so much fun! It actually reminded of those lunches every Sunday at the Roberson's. We are not quite up to par with Debbie and Loy but maybe when our kids are in college...we'll see.

A little History:
In college we would go over to the Roberson's every Sunday after church. Debbie always had something delicious cooked up, it was always perfect and her and Loy were always so warm and welcoming! Great friendships and lots of memories were made in that house! I miss those times!

We ended up with 17 people at our house for lunch! I am no Debbie Roberson, by ANY means and my home is not as nice or as "crowd friendly" as theirs, in fact, we don't even have enough furniture for our house yet! As I was preparing yesterday and today thoughts of incompetence ran through my head often. "But I don't have a appetizer", "Our house isn't decorated yet", "John couldn't mow the lawn this weekend", " I don't have that awesome family room with the extra fridge and ice maker like the Roberson's" know, those thoughts that make you doubt what you are doing. But then had to remember that the Lord hasn't asked us to be in community and to be family only if our house is perfect or if we can make everything look put together. The bible talks about eating together and sharing things often. So I just trust and ask that the Lord use these lunches ( that we will be having monthly) for his glory, to build our community and bring some light to our neighbors! That really is my hope and prayer!
If you were here today, I hope you felt welcome and loved! We love you!

P.S. For those of you from those lunches at The Roberson's, I made Debbie's famous Chicken Spaghetti- delicious!

Thanks Debbie, for EVERYTHING!


Marcy said...

I can relate! Anytime we host a dinner at our small apartment I always feel bombarded by those same thoughts. In the ends it's not the ambiance or how the foods tastes - it's the laughter and fellowship, it's feeling welcome and making memories!!

Thanks for your wonderful comments on my blog! They really do make a difference!!!!!!

The Rozell Family said...

awesome Nat!
we will be there next time! I ended up going on a run after church adn clay adn rev worked in the yard. We met my brothers at the greenhouse for lunch at 12:30! Ya'll are so awesome to always open your home! do you want to craft thsi week?

Chris Anna said...

Awww Nat! I loved Sunday lunch! This post made me go back to the sweet days in Lubbock. So many fun memories, Sunday lunch was amazing...conversations, couch time, and the yummiest food in Lubbock!

I will have to venture your way for a Sunday lunch really soon.

Anonymous said...

Natalee, Thank you so much for your kind words. Loy and I counted it a blessing to have all of you in our home for those times of fellowship. When we first saw this house, ministry opportunities was what we saw and the Lord built some amazing friendships for life here. We had so much fun w/ all of you and were glad to be a part of your lives. You have been faithful friends and mentors to my kids and I can not be thankful enough for that. Don't worry over the small stuff. It is your big heart to open your home and bless others that will have any eternal value. love you guys, Debbie

erin&andy said...

natalee - i wish we could have come to lunch on sunday! sounds so fun and i'm sure you did a marvelous job! how are you? email me!

Rachel Roberson said...

I guess Craig and I are the only ones that eat lunch at Loy and Debbie's since we are the only ones in Lubbock (and since it's Craig's Mom and Dad), but I do miss those days. They were so much fun!

Rob said...

That's a great tradition, I think that Cherie and I will have to start doing that.

Katie Gober said...

wow - college days...lunch at the roberson's - i was an sad i missed your first "sundays at the warrens" i'll be at the next one if all possible!!!!! love you guys, thanks for bringing up a wonderful fun memory!